"THE FRIENDS"...

             proudly identifies the following achievements in support of Father Judge High School:


 Renovation of the Ramp Playground Field Complex – 2012 – Through a first-of-its-kind partnership with the City of Philadelphia, Councilwoman Joan L. Krajewski, and the Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation, the FOFJHS raised $2.8 million dollars to transform what was once called the Dust Bowl into a state-of-the-art athletic field complex for student athletes. Comprised of two synthetic turf fields: The Krajewski Family Baseball Field and the Clark Family Multi-Purpose Field, this complex offers students athletes and local community groups the ability to utilize a safe and professional-grade playing surfaces for games and training in soccer, football, baseball, rugby, and lacrosse. Complete with dugouts, homerun fences, scoreboards, bleachers, and field goal nets, this newly renovated field complex is the jewel of Northeast Philadelphia in our own backyard.

Brisson Center
built in 2008, this newly converted portion

of the 2nd floor of serves as a resource for students with various learning challenges.


Library Computer Lab – renovated in 2009, the FJ Library & Computer Lab allows our students the ability to not only search the stacks for information, but access the web, work on group projects, and take learning to the next level.


Two Shuttle Vans for Student Activities – purchased in 2005, these vans have saved countless hours and money for transporting our students to activities and athletic events.


Addition of Home Sciences to the Curriculum – Also added in the summer of 2010, this class teaches students the basics of carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and concrete work. In addition, the FOFJ also paid for a new room to be built to house this class as well as the purchase of new tools and equipment necessary to facilitate this class.


William F. Mitchell Student Activity Center & McGonigal Fitness & Weight Room – built in 2004, this $1.3 million dollar, 16,000sq.ft. building is a state-of-the-art complex where students attend Gym & Health Class, weight training for both teams and individuals, play numerous sports on the multi-purpose gym floor, conduct hitting and pitching practice inside netted locations, and is home to countless school related functions.


Addition of Wrestling to Athletics & Construction of a new Wrestling Room – Added in the summer of 2010, this new program, coupled with a new work-out room consisting of 12 idividual matted areas for matches and training has already enabled to instantly compete.


Capital Improvements to the School in 08, 09, 10 including – new bleachers in the Fox Gym, new lighting in the Fox Gym, new plumbing fixtures in the Biology & Chemistry Labs.

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